About Me

Hi! I'm Freya, a Matwork Pilates Instructor, offering private tuition and group classes throughout Shropshire. I trained with BASI Pilates in London, an International and leading school of Pilates, which pushes its students to become masters in the art of movement and science of anatomy.

I am a strong advocate of the benefits of Pilates, having experienced myself just how life-changing it can be. Whilst at university, I suffered a high-impact sports injury and was shortly after diagnosed with pelvic misalignment and SI joint dysfunction. Four years of chronic back pain followed, and I was sick of going from one specialist to another without any permanent resolution. I sought out Pilates as a way to become responsible for my own rehabilitation and was absolutely amazed by the results. Through regular practice, my body transitioned out of chronic pain, my pelvis returned to optimal alignment and my leg and gluteal muscles – formerly weakened by the injury - found new strength. I truly believe Pilates has reversed the damage I did to my body.

I qualified as a teacher to help people explore Pilates as a way to feel stronger, more resilient, and powerful in every aspect of their lives. Irrespective of age, injury, or ability, my aim is to improve your overall movement function in a safe, controlled (and of course fun!) environment.